(Solved) How to get Phantasmagoria 2 Win Ver Without CD's

Phantasmagoria 2 - A Puzzle of Flesh (Sierra)
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(Solved) How to get Phantasmagoria 2 Win Ver Without CD's

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After messing about for a night on trying to copy all disks to one folder and then trying to use ".\" to point to the current directory (Which works but doesn't allow loading and saving and give more random crashes) I slept on the problem and woke up with the answer:
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1) Simply install Squirts installer of the version your after to a folder that can hold all 5 disks: http://www.squirtthecat.com/games/phantasmagoria_2/
2) Extract each CD to the same folder you installed to with new subdirs of Disk1, Disk2, Disk3, Disk4, Disk5
3) Edit Resource.WIN to have the change of 5 drive letters: "CD:=M:\;N:\;O:\;Q:\;R:\" instead of just the one letter.
4) Make a "RunMe.cmd" in the same folder with the following:

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@echo off
subst M: %~dp0Disk1
subst N: %~dp0Disk2
subst O: %~dp0Disk3
subst P: %~dp0Disk4
subst Q: %~dp0Disk5
subst M: /D
subst N: /D
subst O: /D
subst P: /D
subst Q: /D
* If the disk letters I used aren't suitable change it in both files to ones you have available.

To start the game simply use the RunMe.cmd and the game should work fine without needing you to do a single disk change and allows saving and loading your game.

This has been tested in Windows 10 RS1 as working and the same trick will use for any other multi disk games if it is only looking for files and not doing any Copy Protection checks. Please let me know if you use this, I really don't want to think I wasted 6 hours of time figuring this out only for myself :D although it is great to have the full quality movies and high resolution gameplay instead of having to use the low res DosBOX etc.
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Re: (Solved) How to get Phantasmagoria 2 Win Ver Without CD'

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Thanks for the info. I'll explore this more when I have more time.
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