Amber (And other DXR games) via an Emulator

Amber - Journeys Beyond
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Amber (And other DXR games) via an Emulator

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I've recently been hacking around with "Gadget - Past as Future" which is another Macromedia Projector game. I was getting errors such as "This program requires at least 3MB of Virtual Memory to run." and knew it was just due to archaic software. I then stumbled across your work and was astonished; Well done on the work to get the errors sorted out and even more congrats on additional features of full screen scaling, etc...

I came about all of this due to wanting to play The 7th Guest on a Windows 7 box recently. I got it running raw, but it wasn't the best experience. I then realised that ScummVM runs T7G via emulation, or really interpretation.

It then occurred to me that Gadget and other games (here is where Amber comes in) would benefit greatly if you could use ScummVM for the main 'executable' and just provide the CDs as the media sources. I was wondering what your thoughts would be on this...

Unfortunately, I've just realised that although the media is available to us, the script is all byte-code in the projector executable. This would mean that you would have to reproduce this actual code in the ScummVM engine; unless you somehow found a way to load up the project executable and then run the code at a sufficient entry-point.

Either way, I'll continue hacking on Gadget... if I fail to do anything else I'll attempt to re-do for Gadget what you've done for Amber...

Thanks, Steven.
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