Found a bug in Margaret's world.

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Found a bug in Margaret's world.

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First of all.. thanks for making the patch. It works pretty well.. and it's nice being able to play this game again.

Unfortunately, I've found a bug that I cannot get around in Margaret's world. After she says "I wonder what time it is.." and the radio announces the broadcast to be at 7:00, I set the time to 6:59. But when I go to change the station, nothing happens. I can turn it, and mess with it all I want.. it simply will not take me to where I need to go. The background doesn't even change to where I can see wallpaper or anything. This may not be a glitch with the patch.. I don't know. But I've tried and tried. I've reread notes, and looked at everything in every room. Any walkthrough I can find just tells you that you have to wait for Margaret to say "I wonder what time it is.." and then hear the radio make it's announcement. Which I've heard both. And still, nothing.

Even if you can't find out a way to fix it, it's not that big of a deal to me. I've played this games many times as a little kid. And if I save Margaret's world for last, I can pretty much play the rest of the game. All that's really left is typing in 'wisdom' on the computer, and going to the garage for Roxy. I'm playing the game on XP, by the way.

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