Out of memory

Leisure Suit Larry 7 - Love For Sail (Sierra)
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Out of memory

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I`ve been playing LSL7 with the STC installer and when I try to finish the captain`s cook-off comptetition, I get the following error message after Judge Graham has said: "I`ll have what she`s having!":


We`re sorry, you have encountered an internal game error. Please restart your game and restore a saved game. If you have continued problems, please report the following information to Sierra Technical Support:

Out of Memory: need=293384 got=149164 freeLocked=19468
Decompression_Buffer=0 atr=0008024f last=42000.p56
Script # 64892 ($fc6ed9ac+ )

The error hasn`t happened earlier, but now that I was trying to find all the easter eggs & get full points in the game, this happened. And I can`t get past the error. I guess I have to try to replay the game all over from the beginning. :/ I was following this guide: http://www.the-spoiler.com/ADVENTURE/Si ... ry7.3.html
The only thing I did in addition to following this walkthrough step by step was to show all the easter eggs so far & find all the dildos (all 32 of them).

Any suggestions? I haven`t found information about this exact error message, some other Panic message though...
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Re: Out of memory

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Why would you have to start over from the beginning? Don't you have any save games? It looks like it failed while reading pic 42000. I don't know if yours might be corrupted. This probably won't help, but extract the file from this zip and try dropping this in your game's installed folder.
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