Multiplayer with WinXP

Lords of the Realm 2 (Sierra)
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Multiplayer with WinXP

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Hi everyone, im a long time player of Lords2 and the owner of Cleos Lords of the Realm 2 page at

Ive had a number of people asking how to get the game working so they can play multi-player or use without the cd for one reason or another. I still have my CDs and if you still have an aging copy of your cd i recommend burning a copy and using your copy rather than the original. Now that many people have routers, lords2 often had issues with multiplayer mode if you were behind a firewall and with a router... remembering Lords2 was designed in the days when we all mostly had dialup and the only thing that was an issue was lag. The solution a few of my old lords gaming friends found (we played on the original Sierra game lobby for Lord2 multiplayer... gee that was 10+ years ago now) is to use the service and connect through with IPX networking mode. This worked well since we all have highspeed and routers and firewalls. The only problem now is Miscrosoft phased out support for IPX after Windows XP. So if you have windows Vista or 7 you may be out of luck unless you can find 3rd party IPX protocol software that actually works.
Now heres the instructions I send to people when they email me from my website for help:

First, you just load both disks like normal. Then, you right click on the icon on your desktop and go to "Properties." Click the "Compatibility" tab and set it to run in Windows 95, and click the 256 colors and 640 x 480 screen resolution.
Then Go to Start and Run and type in Sierra.ini. Then, delete all the text and paste this in:

[Last Test]
Product=The Lords 2 Siege Pack

If you run your L2 disk from a drive other than D:, then just change the second to last line. Save the changes and you should be good to go.
Lastly, to play multiplayer using, you need the following patch. Just unzip the contents of the ZIP file into your lords folder.
To get a free trial key to use Kali, go to register and choose their 4th option. The trial has worked for months for me so far without problems.

You will then need to let it scan for your games on your computer. Once it has found your Lords.exe main program file you will be up and ready. One player creates a new lords game lobby and everyone else joins. Everyone readys up and creator starts game. Once at main menu of lords2, choose multiplayer and select the IPX option. The next option screen may be in german but from memory the left button is join and the right button is create new. If all goes well, everyone will be asked to select their shield and you ready to play.
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