Cursor is intensively flickering

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Re: Cursor is intensively flickering

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The only other thing that I can think of is something with jafa's implementation of Dirext3D acceleration or his "mouse cursor hardware support" in his modified game executable. This would be something that jafa would have to address. I don't have access to his source code to see what he has done.
Demijurg 4 wrote:Where is jafa? Maybe he will know. These old adventure games are sooo good, they will never fall under the wheel of time like one-hit-wonder action games and other crap...
He has been very busy and of late, does not post much here, anymore. This is why I will occasionally offer my DOSBox installers to posters here for the same games that the StC installers support. If it is an issue that only jafa can address, I'll point users to my installers as a stopgap measure.

I don't know how old your PC is, but as long as it is over 1 - 1.5 GHz, it should be able to handle the audio from SCI games in DOSBox without stuttering, at least with normal core and cycles at around 10000.
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Re: Cursor is intensively flickering

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Well, on this one, CPU is 2.5 GHz, it has 768 MB of RAM and graphic card of 64 MB. I know, for todays standards this is very old computer, but i don't care for todays games, i want to play old classics like Lighthouse and RAMA, but i have that problem with cursor. Also, as i said, i HAVE maded changes to DoxBox config file, like you presented in one of your previous posts, but the audio problems are still there, some stuttering, and cracke every couple of seconds, when moving a chair on begining of the game, fireplace in lighthouse, and soon after that all hell breaks loose, like someone puts magnet close to big speaker, it would be masohism to play with such a big problems.

Don't get me wrong, im surely not criticising your work, i know that it is because some third reason, maybe something with configuration. Kudos to you for your work on built-in aplications and support over the Internet. Cheers. :D

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