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RAMA (Sierra)
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nocd patch

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like i did with the shivers 2 game, here is a patched executable to no longer need to swap in and out cd's for RAMA. i did a full playthrough without issues. collector will take this and put it into a new installer.
note: disc1 disc2 and disc3 have to have the following files: RESMAP.00?, RESMDT.00?, and RESSCI.00?, as well as VERSION (contents do not matter, only existence). the other files on the cds can all be merged into the installed folder (duplicate files are exactly the same). attached is my fixed exe and the fixed settings file. also note it will be able to take relative paths and spaces in folder paths now.

i noticed this game sometimes crashed, especially if i click a lot to move quickly, i dont know what causes it but its not my fault ;)

fyi collector, i found it much more effective to set that one entry to "cd:" and having 3 "disks" folders rather than hard coding everything to auto accept that the correct cd was inserted. i could reapply the shivers 2 fix to use this simpler method.
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