Shivers 2 - Harvest of Souls

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Modified for Windows XP/Vista



Changes to the original game

XP/Vista Installer

XP/Vista Executable

Common problems

Occasional horizontal line glitches in some cutscenes: Some cutscenes have occasional horizontal line glitches. These glitches are present in the original game.

Mouse cursor is a large black box:
1) Download and install the latest Windows drivers for the video card.
2) Check that the color-depth is set to 32-bit in the Windows display settings.

Crashes during gameplay: If you find a repeatable crash, please post on the SquirtTheCat forum and include the steps to reproduce.

Change log

Release 20080704: Release 20080628: Release 20080622: Release 20080618: Release 20080611b: Release 20080611: Release 20080605: Release 20080602: Release 20080601: Release 20080531b: Release 20080531: